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Bons de réduction

The Concept
We share with you a jackpot nearing 50% of our profits. The more you purchase, the more cumulative shares and monthly shares you receive. Half of the jackpot is used for the normal shares and the other half for the monthly shares.

Cumulative shares
Cumulative shares are cumulated as long as you remain a customer (minimum one purchase per 3 months). The more you purchase, the more shares you get and the more money you receive from the part of the jackpot dedicated to cumulative shares!

Monthly shares
Monthly shares only remain during the month. So the more you purchase in the same month, the more you get from the part of the jackpot dedicated to monthly shares!

But that's not all!

You also make money in the following ways:

1- You make money with the cashback on your purchases.

2- You make money with your normal and monthly shares.

3- You make money browsing the website.

4- You make money by receiving remunerated e-mails.

5- You make money with the toolbar.

6- You make money when your friends and their friends (on many levels) make money.

Do not hesitate to share this new concept with your friends. With over 25 million products and more than 2,000 partners, our concept can satisfy almost all needs!
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